Introduction to Go

Do you not think of game only for person who it is dark or is bright having difficult Go?
No kidding. Go is easy, and there is no game that it is easy to get close to.
We learn even one that does not know Go at all if we learn in this page happily, and go becomes able to hit.
You learn on homepage, and please master Go while solving problem.

Introduction to Go

Go is game that two players compete for territory.
One of two players uses black stone, stone that the other is white to compete for each other's territories.
We will look in the world of profound Go simply because it is simple.

Technique of game of go

Go of one station is distributed between strategic arrangement (lie down and come) of the early stages, fight of the middle stage, three phases of yose of the end game.
Let's learn technique necessary for scene each.

  • Strategic arrangement of the early stages: We make frame of position and do foundation work
  • Fight of the middle stage: We enlarge position while utilizing strategic arrangement and scramble for stone again
  • yose of the end game: We compete for boundary line of position

Game of go

We come in computer and Go game of go.
As it is nine roadbed, it is recommended toward guide, the beginner's class.

We can enjoy Online Go Server in Yugen-no-ma.

We learn with text

Guide of The Nihon Ki-in. We can learn Go from beginner member on text and DVD from the beginning.
Three courses can choose from person who does not know Go at all to 19 roadbed worried about game of go.