Go ambassador profile

Ichiro Tanioka (taniokaichirou)

For 1,956 years, it was born in Osaka
Osaka University of Commerce's president, educational foundation Tanioka school's director
IGF (International Go Federation) director
A lot of "law of luck" "sociology of gamble" other books
We have a profound knowledge of Go world and publish "the origin of Go 19 roadbed" in 2013

Motoko Arai (rough Motoko)

For 1,960 years, it was born in Tokyo
77 among "me......Choice in "with fantastic SF rookie of the year title fine work
We win Japanese SF award in "Tigris and Euphrates" in 99
Essay publishes "crape myrtle does not stop" serially in interval, weekly go for 06 through 2; for recent work "in the heaven"

Photo courtesy Shinchosha

Shinji Saito (Masashi Saito)

It was born in 1972
Dr. New York. Specialty is tumor internal medicine
We act as leader upbringing private supplementary school "shin*juku" lecturer, Director creation studio of the NPO next generation and engage in next-generation upbringing activity
We have a profound knowledge, and Go participates in the fourth world young people Go Tournaments as representative from Japan at the time of third grade at a junior high school from the green astronomy garden era

Toshima flower (tojimahana)

For 1,988 years, it was born in Saitama
November, 2008 AKB48 graduation
March, 2012 SDN48 graduation
After graduation, we are playing an active part in movie, the stage, wide field including TV
We are appearing as - E tele "Go focus" chairmanship in April, 2014

Seibun Ota (add, and there is)

It was born in 1947
The sixth sigillomancy head family, Japanese sigillomancy society's chairperson 1984 sixth succession to a person's name
Sankei newspaper publisher society part, political correspondent. Member of Japanese press club
The 1992 Tokyo Rotary Club enrollment, 2011 secretary
Help Japan Branch secretary from 2000 rotary Go club
We establish American branch office in Hawaii following Korea, Taiwan in 2015