Spread instructor


Because person having passion has you work on the Go spread smoothly for the Go spread, The Nihon Ki-in recognizes qualification as spread instructor.
In area, we have you make an effort for Go spread activity as "administration of Go Tournaments" "lecturer" whom "Go classroom is held" "meeting umpires" (the head).


Spread instructor has the next privilege.
  1. We can perform recommendation application of certificate to step of oneself and the step (less than 6dan)
  2. At the time of new member acquisition, introduction fee is paid
  3. In more than 6 certificate maintainers, we give name of prefecture instructor, authorized umpire depending on hope for thing with recommendation of association of prefecture headquarters, prefecture Branch society (about authorized umpire, we need participation, pass to class)
  4. We issue guide beginner's class course, lecturer suitable letter of recommendation (application required)
  5. Full name is published in Go notebook, Go yearbook
  6. We can participate in workshop

Qualification requirements

It is necessary to fill qualification with all the next conditions.
  1. Holding certificate which is higher than 1dan
  2. Being member of The Nihon Ki-in
  3. Getting recommendation of position Branch or neighborhood Branch's branch manager (when neighborhood does not have branch office, we allow even recommendation of Go players. But, in that case, we do not leave to prefecture instructor, authorized umpire)

Application procedure

You can measure up, and please perform application (mail, bringing) of "required document" and "initial registration charges" in The Nihon Ki-in (you include Nihon Ki-in Kansai Office, Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office) after having met the qualification requirements mentioned above.
After the receipt, we perform documents examination and notify the person of result.

Required document (we send required document to the person.)
  1. Registration application
  2. Written oath
  3. Letter of recommendation
  4. Two pieces of photographs of the face (3*4cm)
Registration charges (for the first three years)
The first quarter: 54,000 yen
The second quarter later: 5,400 yen (photograph of the face two pieces (3*4cm))

Inquiry about spread instructor

〒102-0076 7-2, Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo The Nihon Ki-in spread Division
Telephone 03-3288-8725