Business, traffic guidance

Business day / business hours

Business day Year round (except the year-end and New Year holidays)
Business hours

From 9:45 to 21:00
(from Monday Saturday)

From 9:45 to 18:00
(Sundays and holidays)

The Yurakucho Go center (Tokyo traffic hall) appearance
The Yurakucho Go center (Tokyo traffic hall) appearance

Entrance rate

As you do combinatorial care at any time, you are alone and can arrive from beginner to person of high grade in peace
Night discount : After 18:00 on weekdays, admission of the public, member is 1,030 yen after 15:00 of Sundays and holidays.

Division All day long
The public 1,540 yen
Member 1,230 yen
Corporate member, supporting member, student 1,030 yen
High school student 720 yen
Less than junior high student, person with a disability 510 yen
Go classroom student attending a lecture Half price of each rate
Room for rent user Half price of each rate

Entrance coupon

Please utilize advantageous, convenient coupon more at one letting you use The Nihon Ki-in frequently, this opportunity including which you want to use from now on!

Classification Admission Coupon (for 11 times)
The public 1,540 yen 16,940 yen notokoro 15,430 yen
Member 1,230 yen 13,530 yen notokoro 12,340 yen
  • This ticket should be the use only for person of signature.
  • It is six months by date of purchase on expiration date of this ticket.
  • We reissue and cannot refund.

Transportation guide

〒100-0006 2-10-1, Yuurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo traffic hall the ninth floor
Yurakucho Go center map
Yurakucho Go center map
We see in Google Map
JR, subway
Exit station
A 1-minute walk from getting off at Yurakucho Station
Parking lot
There is not parking lot for exclusive use of Yurakucho Go center visitor. Toll parking lot is on the second floor, the third floor under the ground.
() to include 300 yen (consumption tax every base rate 30 minutes for from 7:00 to 24:00 for parking lot business hours)
There is not parking lot discount service for the Yurakucho Go center use.
Please use public transport as much as possible.