Room for rent, assignation house, article guidance for rent

Do you not play go happily in group?

For people to "want to play go only in close group though one room was not the number of people as we borrowed", we divided game of go hall with rope partition, and we chartered place all day long, and there was. In addition, we lend room when there is much number of people.

Please contact both beforehand by all means.

Room for rent, assignation house rate

Room for rent rate Reservation is possible from ten or more. To up to 40 people 43,200 yen
Assignation house rate From one person 1,230 yen
  • ※1 needs reservations.

  • ※2 is from 10:00 to 17:00 at use time. Please enjoy general game of go in hall after 17:00.

  • ※3 can divide with rope partition with public bar. In the case of the use in more than 30 people, it is 1030 yen per person.

Article guidance for rent

The public Member
Wooden stand for placing tableware on set for commentary 30,860 yen 20,570 yen
2 sun of boards set 2,060 yen
Occasion go Thursday board set 540 yen
Plastic board set 310 yen
Class clock 540 yen
Magnet board for law commentary 12,340 yen 10,290 yen