Ranked person, kyuishakongo league

We hold joint league match of ranked person and kyuisha for from Monday to Friday. If it is person that Go is hit, anyone can participate. Please participate.

Held summary

Date From Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 19:00
Place Umeda Go salon hall
Object One where Go is hit as for anyone (letter of authorization, step grade rank, non-acquisitor of certificate report for itself)
Contents League match every two months
※Person in charge always puts together by exclusive game of go card
Participation fee 510 yen (only on the first day of the participation every two months)
Admission 1,030 yen (for cover charge)

Play method

League match (to person two stations same for one one month to three stations a day)

Step grade rank is each other point, getting out six having the first turns half Komi
One step grade difference 1 child

When we play go by handicapped go game, person of chisel grade rank gets five Komi in addition to handicap stone with grade person kyuisha

Gigot black victory

Winning rate more than 80% of people, please participate on 1 rank by all means from league on the next time in the last time.
Person less than 30% of winning rate can lower one step grade rank in the last time.


Commend first place - third place in high order of shosuu; most prize for game of go, winning rate prize

  • Two pieces of first place championship 5,000 yen + free tickets
  • One piece of second place runner up 3,000 yen + free ticket
  • One piece of third place third place 2,000 yen + free ticket
  • The winning rate first place: One piece of free instruction go ticket
  • Prize for most game of go: One piece of free ticket
  • One piece of kyuiyushusho (in kyuisha the shosuu first place) free of charge instruction go ticket

☆League match that it was faced more than 7 one in more than number of the total game of go 25 stations

W commendation

It commends 1-5 rank in A class (kyui, 1dan, 2dan, 3dan), high order of shosuu of A B class of B class (more than 4dan, 5dan).

  • First place 3,000 yen
  • Second place 2,000 yen
  • Third place 1,000 yen
  • Fourth place .5 rank free ticket

Application, inquiry

We heard at any time at Umeda Go salon hall reception desk (TEL: 06-6364-5841).