General game of go

It is information for general game of go to be able to enjoy only for admission.
Put game of go together in The Nihon Ki-in; per person; but can hit Go.

Flow of general game of go

It is game of go that we use card.

  1. Firstly please make game of go card.
  2. In the case of arrival, please submit to game of go pair person in charge on the next time. We invite as soon as we can put together.
  3. At the time of card presentation, please show receipt together. We stamp card and receipt with receipt mark on the day. Of "is free to do daily comings and goings on that day" in this use.
  • At the time of break
    Put in "break box". When you reopen, please take out card again.
    We include rest room, telephone.
  • At the time of the end
    Return card to person in charge.

We introduce point system.

When you make card, please report go skill. Score runs out to the go skill. Point adds whenever we play go afterward if we win and is subtracted if we lose.
Similarly, whenever step goes up, using 320 points of 1dan as an indication, it is added ten points, but there are various standards even if we say with go skill entirely, and, in the case of ranked person, there is part which cannot conclude.
We are happy if you can just arrest concerning "indication".
In addition, we may have you change score depending on the situation including winning rate. Thank you for your understanding.

Okay, we play go.

We write the name of opponent to card and are game of go start! There is no having the first turn Komi in each other point (nigiri), 10-19 points, and, in front of ttosono, 0-9 points are one step grade difference Kazuko about category afterward.
If you have any questions, invite person in charge casually.
We made end (basically), and we fill out, and person who won, please bring victory or defeat (true-false) and score including card of partner.
Call this on break, the end by all means.

Please use green tea freely. We install tea break machine in the hall left depths.

As it is entirely non-smoking, thank you for your understanding. (smoking is prohibited in the whole building.)

Class percent list

Getting out six having the first turns half Komi

Score difference0-910-1920-2930-3940-49
Komi Each other point Kazuko Futago Three stones Yotsuko
The score increase and decrease
More than 250 points + 1 -1
Less than 249 + 2 -1

Indication of kyu, step

Report step grade7dan6dan5dan4dan3dan2dan
Threshold 380 points 370 points 360 points 350 points 340 points 330 points
Report step grade1danThe first gradeThe second gradeThe third gradeThe fourth gradeThe fifth grade
Threshold 320 points 300 points 290 points 280 points 270 points 260 points
Report step gradeThe sixth gradeThe seventh gradeThe eighth gradeThe ninth gradeThe tenth grade
Threshold 250 points 240 points 230 points 220 points 210 points