Guidance of Chayacho Go salon corporate member

Guidance of corporate member

It applies to group of companies. You use facilities of The Nihon Ki-in as part of welfare facilities of each group and, with your company Go department and cooperation of The Nihon Ki-in, plan activation of Go activity.

Enrollment fee Moon fee Member's card (unsigned) Instruction go for free game of go (monthly) The presentation (a year)
Free of charge 30,000 yen Three pieces Three times One copy of calendar, notebook one

Corporate member privilege

Instruction go for free game of go (we can use three times a month)
Instruction go of professional Go players is received in free of charge.
In addition, only member can do instruction go reservation.
About the presentation
We present one copy of The Nihon Ki-in calendar, notebook one to end free every year.
Member's card (unsigned)
There is, and one person can enter one piece of member's card free.
It is to member rate, and special treatment entrance rate 1,000 yen (for one person), instruction go are available to companion three people.
About the facility use of The Nihon Ki-in
Charge (admission) of general game of go room of The Nihon Ki-in (Umeda Go salon, Yurakucho Go center, senior Pope Ichigaya, Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office) is available at corporate member rate.
Corporate member rate General rate
Umeda Go salon 1,030 yen 1,230 yen
Yurakucho Go center 1,030 yen 1,540 yen
Senior Pope (Ichigaya) 930 yen 1,340 yen
Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office Free of charge 1,300 yen

Corporate member discount

Instruction game of go rate
Professional Go players: 3,000 yen (general 4,500 yen), fair sex flax: 1,500 yen (general 3,500 yen)
Only in Chayacho Go salon
◎ The public needs admission separately.
Assignation house rate
Small rooms from a small number of people to eight people are available with special price.
Please use for club and party.
The Go goods purchase
It discounts Japanese fan, Go goods, huge rock, cup, shield, certificate frame by 10%.
The Go Books purchase
It discounts 10% of publications of The Nihon Ki-in issuance.
Go article rental
Large go board for commentary, board with legs, 2 sun of boards, board board, game of go clock and others.
Meeting participation fee discount
Discount of various event participation fees

Procedure of the enrollment

  • Please fill out application of attached sheet.
  • The enrollment moon is good anytime.

It is inquiry application

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Telephone 06-6136-8615