HAPPY grade rank person club

We play in real earnest in score system!
We play in real earnest in score system! If if win, rise in rank, and lose; degradation?
We prepare many prizes and wait for arrival of all of you every month.

Held summary

The date It is 17:00 from 11:00 every Saturday
Holding time From 11:00 to 17:00
Target person kyuishagentei! (the first grade ...)
We can participate in kyuisha anyone!
Entrance fee Annual registration charges 300 yen is necessary other than admission separately.

Even several games can play go for use of hall charges.


  • Combination game of go with game of go card
    Firstly we make game of go card for exclusive use of "HAPPY grade rank person club". Instructor performs combination.
  • We introduce score system. By score system results, we make promotion, degradation. We update going up and down of score every one month.
    Please refer to following score list for score at the time of the first application.

Score list

kyu Score Score at the time of the first application
The tenth grade 100 points - 111 points 106 points
The ninth grade 112 points - 123 points 118 points
The eighth grade 124 points - 135 points 130 points
The seventh grade 136 points - 147 points 142 points
The sixth grade 148 points - 159 points 154 points
The fifth grade 160 points - 171 points 166 points
The fourth grade 172 points - 183 points 178 points
The third grade 184 points - 195 points 190 points
The second grade 196 points - 207 points 202 points
The first grade 208 points - 219 points 214 points

How to put scores

Person who reached 1dan score guides to "HAPPY ranked person club" if we maintain 1dan score for three months.
★It goes up by one point by one win and goes down by one point by one defeat. Gigot does not have change.
But, as for the score, one fluctuates monthly.
When we apply with example) third grade, we start from 190 points.
In the case of 15 wins seven defeats, score is eight points of 198 points having many than 190 points one-month victory or defeat from the next moon.

Class percent list

Getting out Komi Score difference
Point Futago Three stones Yotsuko Five children Six children
Six black 0 points 12 points 24 points 36 points 48 points 60 points
Five black One point 13 points 25 points 37 points 49 points 61 points
Four black Two points 14 points 26 points 38 points 50 points 62 points
Three black Three points 15 points 27 points 39 points 51 points 63 points
Two black Four points 16 points 28 points 40 points 52 points 64 points
One black Five points 17 points 29 points 41 points 53 points 65 points
There is no Komi Six points 18 points 30 points 42 points 54 points 66 points
One white Seven points 19 points 31 points 43 points 55 points 67 points
Two white Eight points 20 points 32 points 44 points 56 points 68 points
Three white Nine points 21 points 33 points 45 points 57 points 69 points
Four white Ten points 22 points 34 points 46 points 58 points 70 points
Five white 11 points 23 points 35 points 47 points 59 points 71 points

Each prize (example of monthly prize)

We present prize to prize winner of each prize every month. There is such a prize!

  • Prize for monthly most game of go (prize for monthly successive victory)
  • Prize for monthly most victory (gigot prize)
  • Moon interval best winning rate prize (award for perfect attendance)

There are other annual prizes, too. Don't miss it!