Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office corporate member

Corporate member has join in government offices, company; is friendship society as part of welfare facilities of each group in facilities of The Nihon Ki-in You use as no ground and plan spread of Go activity by your company Go club and cooperation of The Nihon Ki-in and contribute to improvement of human relations.


Enrollment fee 54,000 yen

Division Annual convention costs Specialized Go players instruction
Game of go ticket (a year)
Member's card
Presentation magazine
Free ticket
Special member
(corporate member)
324,000 yen 36 pieces Six pieces Six books 72 pieces
216,000 yen 24 pieces Four pieces Four books 48 pieces
162,000 yen 18 pieces Three pieces Three books 36 pieces
Corporate member 108,000 yen 12 pieces Two pieces Two books 24 pieces

Corporate member privilege

  • Instruction go (50% off)
    We can play go with one station for free with one piece of game of go ticket. Instruction game of go time of one station is two hours in 2 allusive hints.
  • Tuition discount of Go school
    We open a course to each needs from guide to course for ranked people.
  • Room for rent (30% off)
    Please use small hall, Japanese-style room to the number of people among large halls.
  • Discount of Go article, Books
    We have Go article, Books such as Go huge rock, cup, shield, Japanese fan a lot.
  • Presentation magazine
    Monthly "go world" "Igo Mirai"
  • Member's card
    Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office admission is free. General game of go room of The Nihon Ki-in (senior Pope, Umeda Go salon) is available at member rate.
  • Invitation to Go school
    We invite to guide course of our total headquarters from now on for one after starting Go.
  • It is invitation to "HAPPY ranked person club" "HAPPY grade rank person club" "day of kyuisha"
    "Day of kyuisha of water, Friday," you can participate in "HAPPY ranked person club" every Thursday every week "person of HAPPY grade rank club" of every Saturday every Saturday.

Inquiry, application

TEL: 052-951-5588