School Go spread fund

School Go spread fund
Purpose of donation

It is aimed for activity support to school Go classes to plan Go spread promotion in in primary, middle and high schools schools, universities from kindergarten, nursery school.
※Donation prospectus is this

Establishment purpose

We have you adopt Go as classes and raise "power to have of Go" "concentration, memory, imagination, talks power, creativity" and wrestle for the spread by school Go class as brain game to be useful for activation of brain.

Activity report

We report activity report of school Go spread fund in The Nihon Ki-in homepage and each papers and magazines.

Preferential treatment in the tax law

As for this fund-raising, preferential treatment in the tax law is received as contribution to public interest purpose business that The Nihon Ki-in performs.
For more details, please see taxation system kind treatment of donor to public interest incorporated foundation.

Purpose of donation

Assistance to expense to affect Go class, courses (regular curriculum, non-regular curriculum class) in educational institution such as schools

・Assistance to expense that Go players lecturer, amateur lecturer perform guide lesson at schools
・Assistance to teaching materials purchase expenses such as huge rock, text to use in school classes
・Assistance to training expense that Go players, amateur deepens the quality as lecturer

Sum of donation

From small 1,000 yen

We report the total sum of donation and use expense in The Nihon Ki-in homepage and each papers and magazines.

Period of donation

It starts from April 1, 2015.
After that we continue one year as unit every year.

Donation payment (application) method

We charge by postal transfer (payment paper), credit card (only in web).
[postal transfer]
Transfer account: 00100-7 -360259 account name: School Go spread fund
[only in credit card (web)]
Application is this

List of donors (all of full name publicly hope)

Person whom school Go spread foundation gave contribution to is this.
(only all of full name exhibitions who got the consent. We update monthly again)

About "school Go class" spread assistance application

In The Nihon Ki-in, we offer the furtherance, support to Go spread activity in school beginning educational institution.
You see the business formalities point that you notified below, and you fill out, and please send application to The Nihon Ki-in after downloading.
We do news about approval after examination in The Nihon Ki-in.
In addition, presentation of report is necessary if classes are finished.

The spread assistance application business formalities point
Spread assistance application
Spread assistance application (entry example)
・ Notice of approval about spread assistance (sample)
Completion report
kankanryohotsugesho (entry example)

Contact number

The Nihon Ki-in school Go promotion room