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We aim at 1dan from guide. Igo Mirai. It is released every month on 5th

Monthly Igo Mirai April issue

Cover picture: Shingo Koyama
Photograph: Yoshiko Kayama
Layout: Mitani green, Rika Shimoda

The latest issue

  • The 21st Women's Kisei Title triple match
  • Nihon Ki-in Headquarter the second floor coliseum is renewed
  • We explore go stone factory of Yunnan
  • mirai Go library

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WEB-limited plan

"Guide essence seminar" to understand from zero Okuda Aya 3dan

This corner is guide course by Okuda Aya 3dan published serially by December issue by April, 2012 issue.
Of of one and leader who serialization with this magazine has been already finished, but are become a disciple of from now on release course of all ten times in PDF than the following to have refer to.
In addition, you establish learning go skill standard guidelines as follows to enable graded learning of person of guide as new plan from January issue, and please use as this reference text.

time9 (December, 2012 issue) The actual fighting = each other ahead edition last inning sequel to
time8 (November, 2012 issue) Actual fighting = each other ahead edition sequel to
time7 (October, 2012 issue) Actual fighting = each other point edition
time6 (September, 2012 issue) About end
time5 (August, 2012 issue) How to shoot actual fighting
time4 (July, 2012 issue) Start prohibition point
time3 (June, 2012 issue) How to get stones
time2 (May, 2012 issue) Concept of agehama
time1 (April, 2012 issue) Concept of the ground