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It is monthly for high grade people from senior

Monthly go world June issue

[cover] Motoki Katsuya 8dan
● Gravure & design, Emi Yamazaki
● Design, Rika Shimoda / Mitani green
● Photograph, Kayama reason will child / Susumu Nagao / Katsuhiko Yokoyama

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The gravure

  • Honinbo Title challenger
    Motoki Katsuya 8dan interview
  • Mori Building cup 55th Judan Title fifth game
  • Alpha go crashes into *ketsu at last!
  • Game with try cup pro Go group

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2014 Go yearbooks (the first book, the second volume)

2014 Go yearbooks (the first book, the second volume)

It becomes the upper second volume in e go BOOKS. First book "Part 1 domestic professional shogi game" "Part 2 international shogi ...

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