Description of Business

Pro Tournaments

It is art of harmony to make with two people at the same time as Go is ultimate brain game, and it may be said with a kind of philosophy to investigate truth.
Professional Go players usually competes for result of diligence on board in order to be full of tops of the creative contemplation.
We get cooperation such as newspaper, TV, support company in The Nihon Ki-in and host various professional Pro Tournaments and support, and the many history and dramas are born again from there.

Kisei Title, Meijin Title, Honinbo Title, Oza Title, Tengen Title, Gosei Title, Judan Title, Agon-Kiriyama Cup Lightning Go Open Tournament, Shinjin-O Title(King of The New Stars), Okan (Crown) Tournament, Masters cup, Hiroshima aluminum cup Wakagoi Tournament, NHK Cup, Ryusei Tournament, Women's Honinbo Title, Women's Meijin Title, Women's Kisei Title, Aidu Chuo Hospital Title

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Training, upbringing of Go players

National team

We organize Go national team with strong incentive to "fight as Japanese representative in solidarity" from 2013 and try for go skill reinforcement of Go players and aim at results improvement in world round of Japanese Go players.
We perform society by member, inter-Online Go Server, camp as reinforcement plan.
In addition, we raise donations for the purpose of supporting activity.

Apprentice of go

For succession of traditional culture Go and upbringing of professional Go players, we make "apprentice of go" system as training section and, in Nihon Ki-in Headquarter, three places of both Kansai, central part total headquarters, bring up in the future sex boys and girls whom there is.
Step examination making a contract for sale with with professional is carried out, and several people who attained a full victory in that clear, and it can be Go players every year.
We aim at upbringing of strong Go players to be able to be proud of to the world in The Nihon Ki-in.

It recruits the young people aiming at professional Go players 14 years or younger.
Go skill depending on age is necessary and is made examination (examination of apprentice of go instructor) in record of a game of go and examination game of go.

We work on the spread

Branch office, member, certificate issuance

We put association of headquarters, branch office society in each metropolis and districts including Motobu, Hokkaido and the Kyushu headquarters based in Nihon Ki-in Kansai Office, Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office and we organize branch office of whole country 650 and member more and, including Nihon Ki-in Headquarter, plan the friendship of Go promotion, member aspect each other of each district and aim at the wider spread.
In addition, The Nihon Ki-in authorizes amateur grade, kyui and issues grade rank authorization form, certificate to the 25th grade - first grade, grade certificate to 1dan - 8dan by recommendation such as professional Go players, branch office, meeting results, issue of newspaper pass.
Please see the following page about each in detail.

Go to the young people

Elementary and junior high school, area

In Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the richness of heart does not reach the body only in school life, and it is thought that we are provided while coming in contact with people living in family and the same area.
We cooperate with local government, the government as activation of community, tool of citizen-based town planning through Go in The Nihon Ki-in and promote business.

University Go course

In 1998, we adopted Go as regular curriculum as club activities for the first time in Okinawa, truth Kazushi Senior High School.
Person whom entrance examination passes by Go by diversification of new student selection methods such as art entrance examinations at university begins to appear and has already adopted Go in a part of class with the Univ. of Tokyo, Waseda Univ., Keio school organized by contributions size again.

The overseas spread, interchange

Go spreads rapidly in all parts of the world and is becoming global contemporary culture as well as Orient traditional culture now.
We develop various spread interchange activities such as holding of world amateur Go championship to invite all-star representative from Pro Dispatch to foreign countries, each country, and to perform to spread Go in The Nihon Ki-in deeply more widely to the world.
Of the spread again overseas in the South American headquarters (Sao Paulo), European Go Cultural Center (Amsterdam), Western U.S. Go center (Seattle) is based, and establish, and organize "International Go Federation" (IGF), and aim at positioning of world game like chess and bridge as sports of brain by Go.

Event, meeting, hall

We host event and Go Tournaments which Go fan can enjoy in each places of the whole country in The Nihon Ki-in and support.
In addition, we run general game of go, progress classroom in Nihon Ki-in Headquarter, Yurakucho Go center, Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office, Umeda Go center and provide environment where fan can enjoy Go.

  • World amateur Go championship representative from Japan deciding match
  • National high school Go championship
  • Game with elementary and junior high school Go group
  • Boys and girls Go Tournaments
  • Takara Shuzo cup
Boys and girls Go national convention



We issue weekly go, monthly go world, monthly Igo Mirai by The Nihon Ki-in as periodical literature.
In addition, we issue Books targeting at wide Go fans from guide to product for high grade people.
These give delivery through the Internet as e go BOOKS.

The Internet

We deliver various information such as Pro Tournaments or event on The Nihon Ki-in homepage in real time.
Internet game of go site "Yugen-no-ma" provides service using the Internet including record of a game of go delivery service "member of information".

Internet service site of The Nihon Ki-in

Commendation business

It commends for The Nihon Ki-in for development, Go world made an effort for for the spread and Go players which left remarkable achievement.
As for summary, the prize winner of each prize, please see from the following.