News about the personal information handling of The Nihon Ki-in

 The Nihon Ki-in will contribute to the spread, expansion of Go world by offering various services and products that Go life for customer is spent comfortably. When The Nihon Ki-in stimulates activity, we recognize that information that can identify full name, address, individual such as phone number is information that is important to not only customer but also us.
 In The Nihon Ki-in, we use these personal information appropriately and are thinking that it is social duty to protect and, also, are thinking that it is basic of operation of The Nihon Ki-in.

Privacy policy

  1. Development of "observance rule" (compliance program) and continuous improvement

     The Nihon Ki-in lets the staff recognize importance of personal information protection and uses personal information appropriately and devises "personal information protection observance rule" (compliance program) to protect and carries this out steadily. Furthermore, we maintain this and will be improved continuously.
  2. Collection, the use, offer of personal information

     The Nihon Ki-in establishes regime for personal information protection depending on each duties actual situation in consideration of carrying out management of information of customer, shipment of product and handles according to appointed rule in collection, the use, offer of personal information appropriately.
  3. Conduct of safety measures

     We carry out safety measures including information security measures carrying out conventionally and act as The Nihon Ki-in for the prevention such as unauthorized access to personal information or loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information to secure accuracy of personal information and safety.
  4. Information-based right respect

     When refusal of disclosure, correction of self-information or deletion or the use or offer was demanded from the information main constituent in deference to information-based right about personal information, we light up in conventional wisdom and custom, and The Nihon Ki-in accepts this as far as it is rational.
  5. The observance of laws and ordinances, model

     The Nihon Ki-in observes laws and ordinances applied to protection of the personal information concerned in the handling of personal information and other models. In addition, we adapt personal information protection compliance program of the House of evil to these laws and ordinances and other models.

About the handling of specific personal information (my number)

 As for the The Nihon Ki-in, "law about the use of number to distinguish authorized individual in administrative procedure" observes "guidelines about the appropriate handling on specific personal information" and the Personal Information Protection Law and performs the appropriate handling of identification personal information.

[matter about safety management measures]
 The Nihon Ki-in determines "specific personal information handling official regulations" about safety management measures of specific personal information.

One with question, person that defects were discovered about personal information protection again, please contact general affairs human resource department about personal information such as The Nihon Ki-in privacy policies.

 Commencing with personal information disclosure, please let various request that the Personal Information Protection Law determines and answer from The Nihon Ki-in to it should be and limit the exchanges of document by mail, email and one which I do and answer on the telephone to question about procedure.
 In addition, we cannot accept application and inquiry with The Nihon Ki-in being visited directly.

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January 1, 2016
The Nihon Ki-in