Go national team

GO, go Japan

Member strengthens in Yugen-no-ma and plays every week.
We announce play results sequentially.
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Online Go Server Yugen-no-ma

Establishment purpose

We organize Go national team with strong incentive to "fight as Japanese representative in solidarity" from 2013 and try for go skill reinforcement of Go players and aim at results improvement in world round of Japanese Go players.

Participation in a war Pro Tournaments

  • noshinshin ramen cup
  • Samsung fire cup
  • LG cup
  • Cymbidium cup
  • 100 soul cups
  • Game of skill
  • Chinese third class grade league
  • oshihai
List of International Pro Tournaments


In addition, there are reinforcement match participation Go players in net, player of upbringing frame from young person.

Activity report

  • ※ We hope that we have you understand as activity report (about 2015 activities and 2016 action program) for this year reports to all of you who had support donation in "GO, go, Japan" of The Nihon Ki-in HP activity report not mail. In addition, person of request would like the report to inquire at the following.
    Contact information "GO, go, Japan" secretariat 03-3288-8610

Reinforcement match IN Yugen-no-ma

Purpose We strengthen and play using Online Go Server "Yugen-no-ma" as daily study of national team.
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Conduct day At any time
Participation Go players National team registration Go players and upbringing frame (Go players less than 20 years old) participate.
Play results

National team upbringing league

Purpose We replace three high ranks of B league with three low ranks of A league after league match automatically, and ten people who finally remained behind in A league can participate in camp.
Conduct day Every week Saturday and Sunday 7:00 p.m. ... (in principle)
Match place The Nihon Ki-in Online Go Server "Yugen-no-ma"
The time limit One move 60 seconds, consideration time 60 seconds *10 time
Participation Go players Male Go players 18 years or younger and woman Go players (at January 1, 2017) 20 years or younger
National team upbringing league