Recruitment of apprentices of go

Nihon Ki-in Headquarter offer essential point

Offer method
  • Every year 4, 7, 10, subscription for four times of January period
    We do the deadline of offer each with the end of November in the end of August in the end of May in the end of February.
  • Apprentice of go applicant has with (until April 2 - next year April 1) until the year to reach 14 years old. (go skill needs around six steps at 14 years old.)
  • Documents which are necessary when we apply for apprentice of go
    (1) Apprentice of go written application apprentice of go written application downloading
     ※ Entry method of apprentice of go written application
     ・ Please add furigana to full name by all means.
     ・ Recommender, please fill in teacher of professional Go players or classroom catching instruction.
       Particularly, it is good without entry when we are not.
     ・ Your parents either or equal one is fine for guarantor.
     ・ Therefore protector does not mind even equivalence with guarantor.
    (2) Resume (photograph pasting)
I will inform schedule of examination go, interview after documents examination at the secretariat.
Documents examination
I will inform schedule of examination go, interview after documents examination at the secretariat.
Examination go
We perform the examination game of go with instructor on the date and time (decided from schedule of apprentice of go training day) when we appointed.
(by the from one hour to one hour around 30 minutes, number of people many allusive hints)
Examination go charges .10,800 yen (we show around means of payment at the time of notification in examination go schedule)
We come on appointed examination game of go day, and House becomes unacceptable when we cannot do it.
After examination go, instructor has an interview with applicant and protector.
Apprentice of go system explanation
After results decision, we send document.
※ In the case of pass, we enclose (2) - (7)
  • (1) Notice of results
  • (2) Training schedule
  • (3) Training system, play method
  • (4) Oath warranty
  • (5) Written consent
  • (6) Emergency contact information
  • (7) Manuals such as privilege, instructions of apprentice of go
Attempt adoption period
After pass, you do three months with attempt adoption period, and please decline when instructor judges continuation to be difficult as apprentice of go.
Miscellaneous expenses
Entrance fee : 32,400 yen (please receive money after ※ attempt adoption period.)
Tuition / monthly basis : 21,600 yen (after pass transfer for three months of attempt adoption period)
  • In the case of apprentice of go refusal, please note that you do not refund delivered fee.

  • In the case of the training closure, it is said that it is until up to six months by at half price payment of fee.

[transfer financial institution] Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Ichigaya Branch ordinary deposit account number 4099567
  • Note: Receipt is selfish, but please keep notes of remittance carefully as you do not issue.
    Thank you in advance.
The training
  • (1) Eight times / month (in the case of change, there is) of Saturday and Sunday every in schedule of the first half year, the latter period according to schedule
  • (2) Other events
    1. Step briefing session with apprentice of go
    2. Parents' association (when there is revision, change including apprentice of go system, we hold)
  • (3) We distribute class
    A, B class : Ten people, C class : 12 people, D class : 14 people, E F class (decided by the number of people)
  • (4) Return of person of closure : A class assumes return from the last place of C class and does lower than B class with return from the last place under one class.

    New apprentice of go participant assumes order than new apprentice of go in front once.

    The closure, please inform of refusal by all means two weeks before refusal month one month before return.

  • (5) Order is decided by monthly results (we distribute order list on the first day on training day of the next month)
We prohibit participation of amateur meeting (we include Internet meeting) of apprentice of go. When participation is confirmed, you look at the later training, and please obey instruction of instructor.
Applicant of the foreign family register would like procedure of visa when we became apprentice of go by yourself.
In Nihon Ki-in Headquarter, approximately 80 apprentices of go from the elementary school lower grades to 17 years old acquire study now.

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