Michael Redmond (Michael Redmond / Michael Redmond)

Michael Redmond
Sex Man
Go players grade 9dan
Hometown United States, California
Position The Nihon Ki-in Nihon Ki-in Headquarter

"SmartGo Books" (for iPad)

List of books


We are from Nissei United States California on May 25, 1963. Late Oeda Yusuke 9dan is of the same discipline. 52 apprentice of go
Step in 1981 containing, same year 2dan, 58 three steps a year, 59 four steps a year, 60 five steps a year, 63 six steps a year, 2, Heisei seven steps a year, 8 eight steps a year, 12 nine steps a year.
It is Nyu Eiko 1dan under the gate
The Nihon Ki-in Nihon Ki-in Headquarter position

Master of Pro Tournaments history required

Game of go played by high-ranking persons Part 2 clean score championship
Liu Yuam cup war championship
With the 27th Judan Title main match
Game of go played by high-ranking persons Part 1 clean score
The fifth NEC Shunei tournament runner up
The fourth world championship Fujitsu cup quarterfinals advance
The 17th Shinjin-O Title(King of The New Stars) runner up
The 18th Kisei Title 7dan war runner up
The 28th Gosei Title semifinals advance

Receiving a prize career

Go-related receiving a prize history

Winning the 18th TV Go program producer society prize
Achievement of 400 wins in total
Achievement of 500 wins in total
☆The achievement first in Go players from Europe and America

List of books

"Design of "Patterns of the Sanrensei" (English) / lining up three stones six" (Japanese) / "SmartGo Books" (for iPad)
"Intuitive power I learned from Go, living" (sea dragon company)
"Proverb includes basics of Redmond" (NHK publication)
"Book (my navigator) which Ko understands from 1 to 10"
"Basics (NHK publication) of attack, defense of Michael Redmond"
"This strategic arrangement of fight that you lead at the power war group early stages" (NHK publication)
"Standard strategy of star" (Mainichi Communications)
The "yellow dragon person" supervision (clear stream publication)

Other activity results

It is September from April, 2008 : NHK Go course lecturer