News Release The 45th Kishichiro Okura Prize prize winner is selected

― The 45th Kishichiro Okura Prize prize winner is selected ―

 We will tell this time as prize winner of "Kishichiro Okura Prize" was selected as follows by selection committee held on January 19.

"The 45th Kishichiro Okura Prize" ※ Honorific title abbreviation order of age

 Kishichiro Okura Prize is full of to the memory of of late Kishichiro Okura, and, in prize given service which there was in particular for the Go spread regardless of professional, flax, inside and outside the country, the 45th prize winner is the following various places of four one set.

  • ○ Misao Kimura (come irregularity Misao) (previous The Nihon Ki-in Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office headquarters Chogen Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd.'s chairperson) 78 years old
    Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office general manager appointment the sixth in 2008. Contribution that is great for Nihon Ki-in Chubu Office administration until the 2015 retirement for eight years.
  • ○ Isamu Yagi (goat prances) (association of The Nihon Ki-in Shizuoka Branch society's honorary chairperson) 77 years old
    As association of Shizuoka Branch society's chairperson, we pull prefecture Go world for a long time and, also, China Zhejiang and Go interchange and contribute to the foreign countries Go spread.
  • ○ Tadaaki Jagawa (jagawatadaaki) (Hino Motors special appointment advisor) 77 years old
    We make an effort for North American (New York, Seattle) South American Sao Paulo, management improvement of overseas base of European Amsterdam and contribute to the Go spread to foreign countries.
    For from 2012 to 27, we act as The Nihon Ki-in vice-director.
  • ○ Ando Takeo (Takeo that how about bean jam) (The Nihon Ki-in Nihon Ki-in Headquarter position military retirement Go players 7dan) 77 years old
    It is Yoda Norimoto 9dan, Cho Sun Jin 9dan, Kanda Ei 9dan, Nakaonoda Tomomi 9dan, Arimura Hiroshi 8dan, Yamada Takuji 8dan, Mitani Tetsuya 7dan, Tominaga Takeshi 4dan under the gate. Contribution that is great for upbringing of Go players.
    We act as Director managing director (12 sittings in total) until from 1975 to 1998.
  • ○ Hisao Taki (cook Hisao), Hiroko Taki (cook Hiroko) couple
    Hisao Taki (Advisor GOURNAVI's chairperson and executive director, founder NKB chairperson of the board founder Japan pair go association, councilor) 75 years old
    We make an effort for the "international amateur pair go championship" foundation and development to reach the 27th year in this year.
    Hiroko Taki (association of Director association of Japan pair go's managing director world pair go's vice-chairperson International Go Federation director) 71 years old
    As Japanese Director association of pair go's managing director and association of world pair go's vice-chairperson, we contribute to development of pair go with Mr. Hisao Taki.

(member of a selection committee : Yoshimasa Ougo, Iwao Osaki, Shizuko Natsuki, each person of Kozo Watanabe, Director Norio Wada, **meifukurijicho)
※ Investiture is held in joint commendation ceremony held in The Nihon Ki-in on Tuesday, March 29.

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