Corporate member

It applies to group of companies. You use facilities of The Nihon Ki-in as part of welfare facilities of each group and, with your company Go department and cooperation of The Nihon Ki-in, plan activation of Go activity.

As for the detailed contents of The Nihon Ki-in facilities, please see this.

Fee and privilege

Two and "Go yearbook" of "go world" "Igo Mirai" send "The Nihon Ki-in calendar" "Go notebook" every month in December. Subscription and the postage of magazine one year are included in fee.

Enrollment fee Annual convention costs Instruction go match complimentary ticket ※ Annual Presentation magazine ※ (every month) Member's card (a year)
50,000 yen (tax-excluded) 150,000 yen (tax-excluded) Seven pieces Six books 15 pieces
  • Instruction go match complimentary ticket: Professional instruction go is received free.

  • Presentation magazine :I send monthly go world, Igo Mirai.

Corporate member privilege (discount)

Admission of general match room is quite available at half price instruction go charges in The Nihon Ki-in facilities.
Other than use of member discount of room for rent, there is discount such as fee of Go school, entrance fees such as meetings, Go article, Books (thing of The Nihon Ki-in issuance), rental, commentary of Go tool.


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