Corporation supporting member

In The Nihon Ki-in, we carry out various public interest activities about Go and try for contribution to society.
In late years we put in particular important point in the following business, but such a public interest activity is supported by support from all of corporations.

  • Contribution to society by the spread of Go to children
  • Excavation and upbringing of talent of young Go
  • Contribution to healthy increase of elderly person

We ask all of corporations which had you approve of public interest activity of Kiin for support as "corporation supporting member". Fee of "corporation supporting member" returns to society through public interest activity that Kiin carries out.

We introduce company having utilities activity cooperate as corporation supporting member.
List of corporation supporting members

Request of the corporation supporting member enrollment

We report public interest activities of The Nihon Ki-in to all of you of "corporation supporting member" and, as corporation which had contribution to society activity support, introduce to society widely. We are happy if available as a part of CSR activity of all of you. We have understanding in public interest activity of Kiin and purpose of corporation supporting member and would like heartily to have support.

Fee and privilege


Corporation supporting member takes annual convention costs system.
We match with each company-like circumstance and talk about amount of money.


  • We send report of various utilities that this Kiin carried out.
  • Monthly "go world" which is periodical literature of The Nihon Ki-in provides "Igo Mirai" and the newsweekly "weekly publication game of go".
  • On the The Nihon Ki-in periodical literature mentioned above and WEB site, we publish corporation name as company which had utilities support. We link to your company homepage from WEB site (at the time of hope).
  • We invite to various Go events that The Nihon Ki-in holds.
  • As for the fee of corporation supporting member, preferential treatment in the tax law is received.
    Taxation system kind treatment of donor to public interest incorporated foundation
In addition, please contact the following charge about the details.

Inquiry management Press and Information Office

I send document. Please contact the following charge.

Telephone: 03-3288-8605