ⅡJapanese Rules and Regulations (rule) article by article commentary

Article 10 -1 (determination of victory or defeat)

We just take up and, after agreement of end, add killed stone of the other party in the ground to Hama.

It is not necessary to take away killed stone of the other party in the ground after surrounding all by method of Article 5 and can just take up without starting.
  • Stone which is just taken away after 1 end
    As reference figure 16 white Kazuko is killed stone in the black ground, guilt can take up same white Kazuko after end.
    (reference figure 16)
  • Stone which is not just taken away after 2 ends
    Black Futago of reference figure 17 △ is "killed stone", but therefore, as for the eyes of the inside, as for the white, black Futago is not just taken up even after end not the ground as Shiraishi is cough stone. (note) white beats before end in a, and take up black Futago, and black throws, and white can take black Kazuko.
    (reference figure 17)
    (reference figure 17)

Article 10 -2

We fill place of other party with Hama and compare the number of both grains and do much with victory. In the case of the same number, we assume draw, and "draw in go" means this.

 When Hama exceeds the ground of the other party, we add Hama that we exceeded to the number of one's grains and calculate.

Article 10 -3

When one makes an objection about victory or defeat, both sides must reconfirm victory or defeat by reproduction of game of go.

 We beat again from beginning and it is duty to reconfirm and cannot refuse reconfirmation.

Article 10 -4

When it is after both sides confirmed victory or defeat, no matter what happens, we cannot change this victory or defeat.

 For example, "we took, "that a part of stone" was discovered or violation start including recovery of continuation start, koritsu teoshinai kalpa was discovered in record of a game of go" (violation start loses at that point if before victory or defeat confirmation......We insist on the fact after victory or defeat confirmation and cannot change victory or defeat even if substantial in Article 14).
It becomes lower street as things mentioned above when we illustrate Article 1, Article 2, Article 9, Article 10.