ⅡJapanese Rules and Regulations (rule) article by article commentary

Article 9 -1 (end)

One abandons start and becomes "stop of game of go" when subsequently the other party abandoned.

 The abandonment (so-called pass) of start is game of go stop declaration, but becomes stop of game of go when subsequently we start, and the other party abandons. Point in time when both sides did declaration of intention of the start abandonment is the point of stop of game of go.

Article 9 -2

After stop of game of go, both sides confirm life and death and place of stone, and game of go is finished by agreeing. "End" means this.

  • Start that 1 "useless filling" needs "care"
    You must perform "useless filling" and "care" before end by Article 8 to confirm life and death and place of stone.
  • "Useless filling in after 2 game of go stops," "care" is out of rule
    When they perform "useless filling" and "care" after game of go stop by agreement of person of game of go appropriately, they do not correspond to start in rule.

Article 9 -3

When one calls for the reopening of game of go after stop of game of go, the other party must accept this having right to arrive first.

  • Request "of resumption of 1" game of go
    Stop state of game of go is removed and becomes competition resumption.
  • "That there is right to arrive first in 2" other parties
    • (1) If there is start out of the rule during outage when we restart game of go, we can restart them as invalidity.
    • (2) We begin to beat from counterpart who called for game of go resumption.
    • (3) "That you must accept" this
    When the other party called for does not recognize the need of start, we accept with pass and are all right.