ⅡJapanese Rules and Regulations (rule) article by article commentary

Article 3 (we wear and light)

It is length and breadth 19 road, point of intersection 361, and, in the on a board, stone can start all of vacant point (it is said as follows with "empty point") of points of intersection as far as we can exist on the board in line with Article 4. "We wear, and point where we started is called point".

In 1 board
As it was rule between specialized Go players, we assumed 19 roadbed. It is possible let alone nine roadbed others of beginner intervals or using 21 roadbed on agreement between people of game of go in the future. Wear 2 points of intersection, empty point; point
① of reference figure 1 and point that we can put are called "point of intersection", and there is 361. Point of intersection where it is not put stone is called "sky point", and "we wear, and it is said with point" at point of intersection where stone was put like ①.
(vertical way) (Yokomichi)
(reference figure 1)
(reference figure 1)
Sky point where we cannot start because we are not equal to 3 Article 4
Occur with own stone without adjacent sky point by starting, and, as a result, cannot exist; cannot start.
Reference figure 2 black cannot start point of X.
(reference figure 2)
(reference figure 2)
As we will have sky point even if black starts a, in this case we can start.
Figure of note