ⅡJapanese Rules and Regulations (rule) article by article commentary

The Nihon Ki-in
Kansai Kiin

The Nihon Ki-in and Kansai Kiin decide to revise The Nihon Ki-in Go agreement that we established in October, 1949 and establish Japanese Rules and Regulations here. This agreement must be applied based on good sense of person of game of go and mind of mutual trust.

Article 1 (game of go)

Go competes for art of both on board during "until stop of game of go" of Article 9 from competition start for the purpose of competing for the number of "the ground", and "game of go" means that we start during "until end".

 Range of game of go is "stop of game of go" that both people of game of go follows, and did the start abandonment (pass under an alias) unless we restart game of go. (we refer to second, nine, Article 10 in detail)

Article 2 (start)

As for both playing go, the other party can set out having Shiraishi one one by one in turn in Kuroishi.

1 alternation start is right.
It is game of go stop declaration of repudiator, and 2 start abandonment (pass) becomes "stop of game of go" when the other party passes successively and cannot perform the next start. (Article 9 1 q.v.)