Ⅳ Summary (reference) of Japanese Rules and Regulations revision

  1. 1. Basic policy of revision
    • (1) It is *shu by Japanese traditional game of go method.
    • (2) Theorization and clarification of rationality included in Japanese rule potentially.
    • (3) Pursuit of Go rule to pass in the world.
       (note) world general rule entrusts International Go Federation rule Committee.
  2. 2. Revision is
    • (1) Only rule (Article 33 4 precedent) about rule revises in existing agreement Article 70, affiliated rule Article 10.
    • (2) Manners rule, tool, class percent (go including to include) competition practice method (time to include) are other rules and establish.
  3. 3. Effect of revision
    • (1) Rationale of "curvature four death of corner" clarifies.
    • (2) Life and death of life and death ignorance stone ("three eyesless kalpa which there are eyes" in) clarifies.
    • (3) "This kalpa care." Necessity or not of "care" including "we do not take having three eyes" is clarification.
    • (4) "We bury no use", and fight for taste badness and first arrival right of care in the back dissolves.
    • (5) Clarification of reason not to consider eyes in cough stone to be "the ground."
  4. 4. Main point that changes now