The Japanese Rules and Regulations opening

 It is really significant that great revision of Japanese Rules and Regulations was realized to wave for 40 years in April, 1989 and is final phase of mutual happiness as one of the person concerned.

 New International Pro Tournaments such as Go Meijin Title, the Tengen Title began go exhibition game in the daytime already last year world Go championship round, FUJITSU cup, IBM in year when globalization of Go developed suddenly so as to have been said to be the globalization first year, and as for the world amateur Go championship round the tenth in meeting, the participating nation of 36 countries multi-; reached to come.

 Setting of Go terms stood in recognition with right or wrong need to spread Go, and both seniors of Mr. Kishichiro Okura of The Nihon Ki-in director Juichi Tsushima of time and former vice-president established Go terms establishment committee (chairperson Koji Shimomura) in the world as memory of The Nihon Ki-in revival in postwar period in October, 1949 when there was not room after the end of the war, and the first written law was finished in Japan.

 Foreseeability of jiraishijunenryosakihai was demonstrated wonderfully, but rationalization of Japanese Rules and Regulations, request of theoretical clarification came to be strongly called among the people concerned with sudden increase of international game.

 It is that Secretary origin of Ichiro Yoshikuni Legislative Bureau was woven by The Nihon Ki-in consultant, Advisor Kansai Ki-in honor that was really happy for both Houses at this time.

 Have take chairperson of Go terms revision Committee by solicitation of both Houses willingly, and last for two years by serious difficult matter business, and 14 times of committees are presided over, wonderfully fireman's standard meageraretakotoni vs. do, and show respect and gratitude that are shinjin.

 Both Houses Go players observes this new Japanese Rules and Regulations, and what you should spread inside and outside the country does not wait for idea, but cannot help expecting what get understanding of Go world widely, and generally is adopted. When International Go Federation rule Committee promotes unification of international rule at the same time, we believe that these rational new terms play a big role.

April, 1989

The above sentence

About progress of Japanese Rules and Regulations revision

Chairperson at Go terms revision Committee Ichiro Yoshikuni

 We manage based on The Nihon Ki-in Go terms of October, 1949 when current Japanese Go rule participates in me and was established and are carried out, but, about life and death that cannot be decided by the terms, are to judge after The Nihon Ki-in, examination of Kansai Ki-in examination committee about thing which there is not of precedent by The Nihon Ki-in precedent each again.

 However, it is the current situation that trouble often occurs from place where definiteness on theory side cannot necessarily say to enough because current Japanese rule codified thing which has been detected as custom since Tokugawa era.

 Establishment of rule that assent characteristics of Europe and America Go lover who pursues rationality because international games increase rapidly with globalization of particularly recent Go are provided having become urgent business and the ground and problem of unification with Japan rule around Hama and China rule to determine victory or defeat with loadage in koku of on a board on the basis of right to live of stone and the sum of ground or Taiwan rule occur.

 Go terms revision preparatory committee was set up in January, 1987 by the above-mentioned background. As basic policy of revision tentative plan making, we observe traditional match method of (1) Japan. (2) Theorization and clarification of rationality included in Japanese rule potentially. (3) Pursuit of Go rule to pass in the world. (4) If there is convincing revision opinion by newly conventional match method, make as the other plan. But it was established that basics assumed range of Japanese Go method.

 Preparatory committee finished revision tentative plan after six times of discussion as original plan in tentative plan of Sakai Takeshi 9dan of secretary March 26, 62. This tentative plan sets up revision Committee as a result that it was consulted with Tokyo, Kansai, Go players general meeting of the central part from April through May in 62 and will make committee plan which carried out elaboration, rationality thoroughly more.

 Go terms revision Committee is fireman's standard meta for stack, February 21, 1989 committee meeting last plan (the bill) by eight times discussion from January, 63. Examination was added on the way at three times, Tokyo, Kansai of March, 1989, each Go players general meeting of the central part in April, 63, June at stage and was suggested reference to International Go Federation rule committee as Japan plan on May 18, 63, and the bill won European and American favorable reception.

 It was finally decided in discussion Committee on April 4 after the bill introduced to the board of directors on March 10, 1989 and was approved. In Kansai Ki-in, we decided adoption at Go players general meeting on March 28 after similar progress.

 The above-mentioned thing can say that unification with China rule, Taiwan rule left rationality of rule side of Go in Japan to International Go Federation rule committee by establishment, revision to clarify as for the revision of this Japanese Rules and Regulations exclusively to be able to know.

 In addition, we narrowed down this revision to prescribed revision about rule and definition of important Go term in current The Nihon Ki-in Go terms Article 70, attached rule Article 10, four precedents and, manner rule, tool, class percent (go including to include), competition practice method (competition time to include) were other rules and decided to establish.

 New rule takes pride without slightly spoiling the richness of sensitivity that is characteristic of Go of Japan when it is high term of dignity consisting of the universal and plain texts which eliminated pursuit and individual treatment, escape clause of rationality. In addition, understanding of rule is easy for general Go lover, and room for trouble that we often occurred conventionally dissolves and believes that we can enjoy Go by conventional technique.

 In any case long history and Go having tradition of Japan are this revisions, and it is really happy as one of Go fan that the rationality was established, but, with this rule, courtesy, dignity are observed, and mind of Japan Go to play with good sense and mutual trust cannot help desiring that it is spread widely in Go world earnestly to convey extremely high culture assets of value artistic as intelligent competition in eternity again in the world.

 Finally we express gratitude of shinjin for effort cooperation of each committee (end mention) and The Nihon Ki-in, all the Go players of Kansai Ki-in and all concerned at the Sakai 9dan beginning of drafter and do with my preface.

<Go terms revision Committee list>

 Chairperson Ichiro Yoshikuni

 Committee (The Nihon Ki-in) Kano Yoshinori 9dan Kudo Norio 9dan Sakai Takeshi 9dan (secretary)
           Oeda Yusuke 8dan Masataka Saijo 8dan Fujita Goro 6dan
           Nobuta Shigehito 5dan Hata Hidefumi 5dan

 Committee (Kansai Ki-in) Naoki Miyamoto 9dan (secretariat best time Tetsuya Fumiyasu Hayakawa)

April, 1989