Dali cup

The first Dali cup world fair sex pro world championship

Pro Tournaments name The Dali cup world fair sex pro world championship (finished with the first)
The special support
The support
Special cooperation
The championship prize money
Challenge class, the final
Pro Tournaments form
The time limit Two hours
Countdown From 5 minutes before remainder
Komi Seven and a half (Chinese rule)
Participation qualification
Remaining, seed rule
The foundation year 2006

※ Title, grade are things at the time of lottery

・ Getting out all seven each other point having the first turns half Komi
・ Time limit for each two hours
・ From 5 minutes before countdown remainder
※We adopt Chinese rule

ho鋕onshichidan wins the championship

Final triple match

Game of go day : July, 2007
The first station July 16, 2007 kimmegumibinshidankokuban one half victory
The second station July 18, 2007 We do ho鋕onshichidankokubanchuo and win
The third station July 19, 2007 ho鋕onshichidankokubanhammokusho chi


Game of go day : November 29, 2006
ho ji onrokudan (Korea) zei *ikyudan (Korea)
kimmegumibinshidan (Korea) Gold favor Zenzo step (Korea)


Game of go day : November 28, 2006
Gold favor Zenzo step (Korea) Yashiro Kumiko 5dan (Japan)
zei *ikyudan (Korea) Rich cloud 9dan (the United States)
ho ji onrokudan (Korea) **shodan (China)
kimmegumibinshidan (Korea) *mata*nidan (China)

The second match

Game of go day : November 26, 2006
Yashiro Kumiko 5dan (Japan) sumomo*shodan (China) ho ji onrokudan (Korea) cho sen 8dan (China)
*mata*nidan (China) Aoki Kikuyo 8dan (Japan) **shodan (China) sumomota*sandan (Korea)
kimmegumibinshidan (Korea) Inori Youko 5dan (Japan) Gold favor Zenzo step (Korea) *yo*shodan (China)
zei *ikyudan (Korea) osagakumoshodan (China) Rich cloud 9dan (the United States) Leaf 5, Katsura step (China)

The first match

Game of go day : November 25, 2006
Inori Youko 5dan (Japan) o*hoshishodan (China) sumomo*shodan (China) ho* hyon 2dan (Korea)
*mata*nidan (China) Mannami Kana 3dan (Japan) sumomota*sandan (Korea) cho*kaorisandan (Taiwan)
Leaf 5, Katsura step (China) Hsieh Yi Min 3dan (Japan) osagakumoshodan (China) subetorana chic China 1dan (Europe)
Gold favor Zenzo step (Korea) Konishi Kazuko 8dan (Japan) ho ji onrokudan (Korea) KLARA zarudokobaama (Europe)

Participation player

Japan Six people Aoki Kikuyo 8dan Yashiro Kumiko 5dan
Konishi Kazuko 8dan   Mannami Kana 3dan
Inori Youko 5dan   Hsieh Yi Min 3dan
China Eight people cho sen hachidan*yo*shodan**shodan
Leaf 5, Katsura step   sumomo*shodan   o*hoshishodan
*mata*nidan   osagakumoshodan
Korea Six people kimmegumibinshidan zei *ikyudan
ho ji onrokudan   Gold favor Zenzo step
sumomota*sandan   ho* hyon 2dan
Chinese Taipei One person cho*kaorisandan
Europe Two people KLARA zarudokobaamasubetorana chic China 1dan
The United States One person Rich cloud 9dan
kei 24 people Eight people 16 people