List of Go Tournaments information

The date Go Tournaments name Holding place
2017/04/30 [Tokyo senior Pope] The 38th boys and girls Go authorization meet Tokyo senior Pope
2017/04/23 [Kyoto] Champion war Kyoto meeting according to the tenth Takara Shuzo cup Go class National Kyoto international hall
... 2017/03/31
[Tokyo senior Pope] Spring vacation child Go private supplementary school 2017 Tokyo senior Pope
2017/03/26 [Umeda] The twelfth morning sun amateur Go Meijin Title Osaka meeting Umeda Go salon
2017/03/26 [Tokyo senior Pope] The twelfth morning sun amateur Meijin Title Tokyo meeting Tokyo senior Pope
2017/03/25 [Tokyo senior Pope] The sixth Kazuyo Watanabe kids cup Go Tournaments The Nihon Ki-in hall
2017/03/25 [Hyogo] Akashi Go go skill authorization meet Ass Pia Myrvold Akashi north hall
2017/03/20 [Yurakucho] Grade authorization meet Yurakucho Go center
2017/03/19 [Tokyo senior Pope] Game with 2017 thirteenth oar amateur Go groups The Nihon Ki-in
2017/03/19 [Umeda] Spring senior Go Tournaments Umeda Go salon
2017/03/11 [Shiga] Shiga step grade rank authorization meeting Hikone Prefectural Hikone east high school
2017/03/05 [Tokyo] The fourth primary schoolchild Go Tournaments Shinjuku Kozu Mick center
2017/03/05 [Umeda] We are carrying out 7dan war! Regular grade authorization meet Umeda Go salon
2017/03/05 [Osaka] Neyagawa-shi step grade rank authorization meeting Neya River civic center
2017/03/04 [Tokyo senior Pope] The fifth Kanto carnival Tokyo senior Pope
2017/03/01 [Chiba] Tsudanuma Go club entertainment guidance (March) Tsudanuma Go club
2017/03/01 [Kanagawa] Keihin Kawasaki club entertainment guidance (March) Keihin Kawasaki club
2017/02/26 [Tokyo senior Pope] The Go Tournaments Moon troupe jumbo for 2,017 years in the 46th The Nihon Ki-in hall
2017/02/26 [Umeda] Child step grade rank go skill authorization meeting Umeda Go salon
2017/02/19 [Tokyo senior Pope] The tenth Chiyoda-ku child Go Tournaments The Nihon Ki-in hall