Application such as support

Business whom support, cooperation, the support are applied to for, please submit "applications such as support" to The Nihon Ki-in. We can download applications such as support from The Nihon Ki-in homepage.

When The Nihon Ki-in performs support of business, basics are subject to public interest characteristics of business, the spread of Go, contribution to society by Go.
You are new, and please submit application to continuously both cases each time. I'm sorry to trouble, but would like.

Application procedure

  1. Please read "rules such as business support" well.
  2. You had "rules such as business support" consent and download "applications such as support", and please fill in matter necessary for paper. (please take entry example into account)
  3. When there is Pro Dispatch, "support, please read business Pro Dispatch application summary" "Go players choice guidelines" well.
  4. You had "business Pro Dispatch application summary consent to support" and download "Pro Dispatch application", and please fill in matter necessary for paper.
  5. Please submit to person in charge of The Nihon Ki-in department. Application, application accepts even email, but please submit document understanding terms business purposes of host as other documents.
    Application should be business start three months before. When there are special circumstances, please consult.
  6. It takes approximately 1 month from application to result communication. I will inform result of examination from charge department.
  7. When you show you received support on brochure, flyer, poster from the House of shogi, please display with "The Nihon Ki-in"

Please consult about cooperation except support, support request.

October 4, 2011

Inquiry about application such as support

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We accept branch office, meeting support in spread Division.

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