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The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2017

The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2017 will be held from 25 August till 6 September in Koyo, Osaka and Tokyo!

♦ Plan/Host: The Nihon Ki-in
♦ Term: 25 August to 6 September 2017 (25-30 Aug: Kyoto & Osaka / 1-6 Sep: Tokyo)
♦ Place: Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo (The Nihon Ki-in)
♦ Fee: 90,000JPY for full / 50,000JPY for Tokyo or Osaka & Kyoto
Special Offers!
   -15% OFF from above fee *This offer will end on 31 May 2017.
   -10,000JPY Cash-back! *This offer will end on 20 July 2017.
   Make registration by 20 July 2017 to get 10,000JPY cash-back at 1st day of the Camp!

♦ Participants: From 20 kyu up to high dan players
♦ Instructors: Ishida Yoshio (24th Honinbo), M. Redmond 9p, Chizu Kobayashi 6p & More
♦ Contents:
   -Special Lectures, Teaching Games and Reviews by high-dan experienced pros
   -Visiting to see Meijin title match (*plus attending the reception party)
   -Playing for Takara Shuzo Cup (*most popular amateur go tournament in Japan)
   -Playing for goodwill match with Japanese University students
   -Computer A.I Go latest Study (Master, AlphaGo v.s Ke Jie 9p, DeepZenGo)
   -Kyoto and Osaka special sightseeing programs
    And more fantastic programs will be planned!!

♦ Language: All lectures will be conducted in English and/or with English translations.
♦ Website: http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/english/summer_go_camp2017/index.html
♦ Registration: https://conv.toptour.co.jp/shop/evt/summer_go_camp2017/
♦ For inquiry: overseasdept@nihonkiin.or.jp (*overseas department of The Nihon Ki-in)

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